...how can I make the most of this new system?


Here are the tools you'll need to get started:

  • Parental Controls
    Parents Guide to TV Ratings

  • Settings

  • Recording Settings

  • Phone Settings

  • Channel Guide: East, West

  • User Guide

  • Step by Step Guide to programming your remote

    Backlit Remote
    Big Button Remote*
    Remote Programming Instructions
    Remote Programming Instructions
    Program your remote to Other Devices


    *If you would prefer a Big Button remote shown here, please bring in your Backlit (Potenza) remote and we can exchange them for you.

  • ADB code over - If you have an Amino, your remote is set up to work automatically; If you have an ADB, you will need to follow these instructions to code over your remote before you set your remote to control your set top box.

  • Amino ADB 3800
    ADB 3721 ADB 5721


  • FAQs:

    • How do I see what is currently playing on my tv?
      Press the OK button on your remote.

    • How do I search for a program?
      1. Press the Search key (left navigation arrow) on the remote. Choose New Search to open a search window and enter a title or partial title to search for. After entering text, press the Yellow button to Search. From the results, you are able to schedule a recording by pressing the Record button. Follow the on-screen prompts.

      2. In the browse menu, History will show you the last 18 searches that were performed. To save a search, highlight it and press the Green button. A small yellow star will appear in front of the search.

      3. While viewing the Guide, select the desired program using the navigation arrows. Press the Yellow button. This will perform a full title search and display all instances of that title within the Guide. From the results, you are able to schedule a recording by pressing the Record button. Follow the on-screen prompts.

    • The picture on my TV seems small
      It is possible that your TV was set to 4x3 resolution and got switched to 16x9. To check that setting:
      Menu | Settings | Display | TV Type
      If you choose to switch to the other setting, you will be shown what the TV screen will look like and you can accept or cancel the changes.

    • Changing between conversion modes on Standard Definition channels and/or shows:
      As you are viewing live TV, you can use the * key on the remote control (next to the zero key) to switch between Original Size, Fit to Screen and Zoom.

    • My remote control will control my TV but not my STB.
      If you have an ADB brand STB, you will need to code over your remote to ADB. See above for pictures of the STBs and code over instructions.

    • My remote doesn't seem to be working.
      The LED will flash once when a button is pressed. If the batteries need replacing, the LED will flash twice when a button is pressed.

    • My TV does not turn on with the remote.
      If your remote has been programmed to your TV with the above instructions, press the TV button and then Power.

    • My TV screen says "Press the OK button to view TV"
      Press the OK button to sync your TV and STB Power modes.

    • I want my DVR STB to stay powered on so I can rewind on the current channel when I get home, but it keeps shutting off when I press the Power button on my remote.
      Press the TV button and then the Power button

    • How much "live" TV does my DVR store?
      You can rewind live TV on the "current" channel up to 2 hours. If you have changed channels, it only will rewind back to the time that you changed the channel. For example, if your DVR was on channel 15 for the past 4 hours, you will be able to rewind a full 2 hours back in time on channel 15. If you changed the channel from channel 15 to channel 22 ten minutes ago, you will only be able to rewind ten minutes on channel 22.

    • I paused live TV on my DVR, but when I came back, it was no longer paused.
      Pressing Pause will pause live TV for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it will automatically start playing from where it was paused.